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Thank you for joining us in person or online. We hope you enjoy the archived resources available on this website and we look forward to another great event in 2027.


Christian Sarmiento
Christian Sarmiento elected 45th general superintendent
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Scott Daniels
T. Scott Daniels elected 44th general superintendent
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Eugenio Duarte
Missions focus opens 30th General Assembly and Conventions
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Gustavo Crocker
Crocker encourages 'priesthood of believers' during GA worship service
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David Graves
Graves challenges assembly to worship with ‘reckless love’
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David Busic
Busic calls for church to be 'on offense’ against gates of hell
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Carla Sunberg
Sunberg delivers Quadrennial Address
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Filimao Chambo
Chambo encourages congregation to 'go and proclaim Jesus is Lord'
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